About Us

Let no Animal be mistreated!

I am an animal lover from the word go, especially dogs. I want to see the end of euthanasia, just because this animal is scared or shy. Part of the income from the sales of this site, will go to all animals, especially those that are mistreated, brutalized, thrown out on the street, or tied up in a back yard and left there when the owner moves, sometimes for weeks with no food or water until found, or a fur baby needing a loving forever family. All pets should be treated with respect and love. Pets, especially dogs are loyal and love you unconditionally, and depend on you for all their needs. Unknown to some people all animals have feelings, they love, they hurt when hit, they feel grief and sorrow at the loss of another pet friend or their human Those people that treat animals any way other than kindly, should be prosecuted. If you are unable for some reason to take care of your pet properly, they should be re-homed, not taken to kill shelters or turned loose on the streets. Dogs are domesticated and don't do well on their own.
Look carefully through my site and hopefully you will find something to purchase, so you too can help contribute to an animals well being. Everyday is a wonderful day to help a pet.